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Letter to Myself

I journal pretty much everyday. Somedays, without thinking, I start writing to myself as if I am someone else. My subconscious knows when I need that space, to get outside of my head and see myself for who I truly am and nurture myself the way I would a loved one. I wrote this in my journal a few days ago, and thought I would share…

Your happiness is your own Cecily. Your peace is your own Cecily. Look at how much you have grown! Finding happiness in little things has always been one of your magically innate skills – one no one could make you unlearn. And that’s why I believe in you so fiercely, so lovingly, because you have been yourself your whole life. It’s like your Godmother said, “Only the loving find Love, and they never have to search for it.” You’ve always been loving, never had to search for it. But now you have clearer eyes to see and appreciate the blessing that is you. You have a clearer mind and can recognize and distinguish between a controlling action disguised as Love, or a fearful action disguised as Love, from a freeing, truly loving action. You can see it in everyone and have empathy, but most importantly, you can see it in yourself. You can see yourself without pretense more often now and that is a blessing. You recognize the masks you wear for what they are and can shed them more often. Thank God for that! Thank God for the Universe, and your ancestors, and all the signs and omens. Thank God for this moment. Everything becomes reconciled as you step towards yourself unafraid. Thank God for that!