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#MusicMonday Part 4

“Every Time He Comes Around” by Minnie Riperton

“Every Time He Comes Around” by Minnie Riperton from her 1974 album Perfect Angel.

Minnie is one of my favorite artists of all time, and people often compare me to her. Although that scares the mess out of me, I decided last year to start performing one of her classic songs, Every Time He Comes Around.

I really appreciate how Minnie was sexy and passionate without ever coming off as vulgar. That’s not easy to pull off, and was one of the many things that made her so unique. I tried to embody that passion here in this acoustic version, and I hope you all enjoy it!

Thanks to Zach and his cat Otis for having me over their lovely apartment, and thanks to my boyfriend for filming!

Guitar: Zachary Cutler
Vocals: Cecily
Videographer: Tirop Sambu

Baltimore’s energy is incredible!

Last night I went to the Organic Soul Open Mic in Baltimore. It happens every 3 months at the Downtown Cultural Center, which is a great space. I’ve been to a lot of open mics, and each one has its own vibe, but I gotta say, this one seemed special. Maybe I’m just not familiar enough with Baltimore and all their open mics are this live. Or maybe after the events of the last 2 weeks, everyone just needed to release. The crowd was engaged and supportive of each artist. The house band was killing (former members of Fertile Ground, a Baltimore band you need to know).

I sang Chaka Khan’s Sweet Thing, one of my favorites. It was all love. Thank you Baltimore! ¬†Shoutout to my Recording Academy chapter member Von Vargas for snapping a photo. I’m horrible at documenting things lol.

Just performed at the #OrganicSoul open mic in #Baltimore. Did some Chaka Khan. It's live in here! Thanks for the love #Bmore And thank you @vonvargas for the photo!  #openmic #livemusic #musicshowcase #dmv #vocalist #CecilyEP #Cecily #oldsoul #freshvoice #ChakaKhan #SweetThing #springtime #legsout
#OrganicSoulTuesdays #BmoreLove #sangin #springtime #legsout