Cecily EP

Release Date:
May 12th, 2015

Harmonious Grits LLC

1. Heaven In Your Eyes (feat. tabi Bonney)
Honey there is something you should know
I'm falling so in love with you
And I've been holding back for way too long
I'm done frontin
So here goes the truth

When I look at you I see heaven in your eyes
And when you're holding me I feel heaven in your arms
When I think of you I see heaven in my mind
Don't you know that you are everything I want.

Honey I know there is something here that's special
I hope you see it too
Cause when I'm near to you it feels so sweet and right babe
Do you feel it too?


Life's too short to waste time when you know it's something real
And I can tell that I need you just by how you make me feel
Now that I've shown my hand dear
Please don't let me down
And don't pretend that you don't like what you've found


Just like heaven (4x)

tabi Bonney:
High up in the sky with it
tab bonney and Cecily go head and ride with it
Love is what we speak of
PDA and all day and hugging me up
She is like an angel
I knew off the break but fake like I ain't know
You know I be playing love
Everyday you were all that I could think of
I knew you hid your wings when we synced up
Pretty little thing
The things guys dream of
Power couple team
We can go real far
When people see us,
They be wishing like we shooting stars
I plan to make you mine by all means
You hit my soul like a bowl of collard greens
I feel the luckiest out of all the guys
And I feel true love when I look in your eyes

2. Used To Being Loved
Starting over is never easy
And I’m afraid this is happening too soon
I wonder if I’m ready to give up my heart
When I’ve still got some old memories to lose.

But you got me thinking about chancing love again
And you got me hoping love can finally win.

I wanna get used to being happy
I wanna forget what all I been going through
I wanna hold on to this feeling forever
And I wanna get used to
Being loved by you

Baby please excuse my hesitation
I am one who likes to be in control
Reason tells me to fight these emotions
But my heart is screaming to let go.

But you got me thinking about chancing love again
And you got me believing love can finally win

3. Real Love
When I’m in your arms I know it’s where I should be
It’s a place that feeds my soul.
And I don’t see myself ever letting go,
Cause it’s a place I can call my own.

And I know I have wronged you with my careless words,
But somehow you always see me through.
And I know times get rough when I’m so far away,
But you can trust that I’ll always be true.

Cause this is love baby
Ain’t nothing less.
Yes we’ve got love baby.
We’ve passed the test.
Through all the hard times
We kept holdin on.
And I know that we’ll always be strong
Cause this is real love.

People do ask me, why do I try
And I tell them the same each time.
I say, when it’s the real thing you give it your all.
I can’t help but to treasure our bond.

Cause when I look in your eyes I find all that I need
And more than I thought I deserved.
And with your hand in mine I know I’ll always succeed
Cause we’re willing to grow and to learn.


Each day I fall in more deeply in love
Holding you close to my heart
While we’re apart.

4. You Are
Oooo ooo
Oooo ooo

Waited a long time for this,
Knew one day it’d arrive.
Didn’t know I needed your kiss,
Til it made me alive.

Years ago I dreamed of you.
You are my dream come true.
And as I am held by your eyes,
I cannot tell a lie.

My love…

Oh, you are the light that makes me shine.
And you are the reason I survived.
You are how I came to breath.
And you are why I’ll never leave.

Oooo ooo
Oooo ooo

I know you’re not the perfect man,
But you made me who I am.
And as I drift along,
My heart, it sings your song.

My love…

5. Never Enough
The rain on my window pane is telling me to stay at home
But the thought of me in your arms draws me out into the storm

I can’t go a day without you on my mind
Maybe I can learn to let you go in time
(baby maybe)

It’s never enough, it’s never enough, it’s never enough
Makin love, makin love
It’s never enough, it’s never enough, it’s never enough
To stop the pain.

Driving in my car and all I want to feel is your embrace, just a taste
Hoping that the love we make will be enough to stop the pain, to make me stay

The familiar can taste so sweet, so sweet, so sweet
Even when you know it’s not what you need

Baby, the truth is…


When I feel your lips touch mine it’s feels so good and yet so bittersweet
Knowing that I told myself I wouldn’t be back here with you, but I concede

You don’t realize what you do to me
Causing so much hurt because you just can’t see

That baby…

6. Everything (Bonus Track)