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The realest thing I’ve written in awhile


He wrote,  “i miss you”
He wrote, “im sorry”
He’s afraid I’ll hate him
Doesn’t wanna be the monster
Just a human being who can’t admit mistakes

And maybe I’m the same
Can’t tell if I’m playing victim
Or if it’s really really still that red raw

But I’m still mad
I’m still mad
Still feel my forehead clinch when I think about it
Cause I’m still mad
I’m still mad
And I can’t seem to let it go
Even though I know
I’m better off without it.

Cause you don’t mean it
It’s all bullshit
And I won’t pretend that
I’m gonna accept it
Cause I’m so tired of being sweet
But I don’t wanna be petty

And maybe I’m the same
Telling lies to keep myself sane
So maybe I’m a coward just like you say

But I’m still mad
I’m still mad
Still feel my forehead clinch when I think about it
Cause I’m still mad
I’m still mad
And I can’t seem to let it go
Even though I know
I’m better off without it.

Maybe I’m living in a box of my own reality
Padded with every harsh word,
Maybe all my unkindness is lost on me
And when the fire stops rising in my chest
I’ll miss you
But I’m still mad.

Thank you Singersroom!

I just want to thank DJ Jus Music and for writing about my EP. Here’s an excerpt:

“Cecily describes her sound as Minnie Riperton meets Teedra Moses, and we couldn’t agree more. The Washington, DC-based singer-songwriter releases her self-titled debut EP, a blend of Old School, R&B, Folk, and Jazz that’s welcoming to the ears.

Packed with five songs and a bonus track (A cover of Mary J. Blige’s “Everything” by way of The Stylistics’ “You Are Everything”), Cecily delivers a body of work that’s soothing and nostalgic.”

Read more:

Aural Advocacy Spotlight

Shoutout to Gypsy Soul Entertainment for including me in their Aural Advocacy Campaign to celebrate Black Music Month. Please support this project by spreading the word. They will be featuring an artist each day this month. Follow their Tumblr & Instagram to follow along, and be introduced to talented black musicians!

Cecily gives you bite sized but power packed bursts of Ear Candy. Her Soprano is sugary, light, and her lyrics are heartfelt. She uses acoustic soul music to tell stories with the hope of inspiring others to be vulnerable. Though she’s been studying music for over 10 years, she’s still growing and blossoming. Her newest project, Cecily just dropped last month. Lend it your ears.

My Interview on Sankofa Community Affairs

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Salim Adofo, one of the leaders of the National Black United Front, a community organization that helps feed, educate, organize, and uplift Black people. We discussed commercialism, movement music, and my education. He also showed my video “Too Much” and a live performance of my song “Pisces.”

Check it out. When he asked if I was interested in commercial success, what did you expect me to say?

I was on the Ion Network

This was pretty cool. Watching yourself on TV is always a little surreal.

I appeared on the show Metro Magazine hosted by Bonnie McDaniel. It was a truly enjoyable interview experience. She’s so personable and was very easy to talk to. We discussed my upbringing, my training, lessons I learned from my parents, and the recent uprising in Baltimore. I also sang a little bit of “Black Butterfly” (you know that’s one of my favorites!).

Here’s a few pictures and clips I recorded while watching it on my TV. Watch a short video clip here >>>> Singing Black Butterfly

Hoping to do many more interviews soon! I do like talking lol

I'm enjoying this lol Talking to Bonnie McDaniel on Ion TV  #singer #songwriter #artist #dmv #interview

Artist Statement

I just submitted my first grant application. I won’t find out if I am rewarded the grant until October, but either way, it was an excellent experience. It helped me to reflect on and synthesize my intentions and my purpose. The process itself was fulfilling. I wrote an artist statement for the first time, and figured I should share 🙂

“The only real concern of the artist [is] to recreate out of the disorder of life that order which is art.” – James Baldwin

In Washington we are constantly inundated with sounds: Obama’s helicopters zipping over the Washington Channel, police cruisers blaring sirens, buses grumbling down streets, air conditioners toiling away in humid summers. 

Sound pollution is real, so it’s easy to forget that sound vibrations are also healing. When I sing, I rediscover the artistic order of sound, tapping into its restorative properties. From a young age, this is what impelled me to open my mouth and make sound, feeling it reverberate through my cells and out into a room reminded me how alive I am.

My approach to music is rooted in its cathartic and palliative potential. Through writing and vocalizing I am able to be honest and vulnerable, to examine my mistakes and triumphs, the minutia and grandeur. I am able to be self-congratulatory and self-forgiving. Writing lets me attend to pain and ecstasy, becoming liberated in the process. My songs are a way to excavate sensory memories and dreams, giving them a life outside of my head, so that others can see their stories reflected in mine.

Friends & Music: My Listening Get-Together

This past Thursday, I invited some friends over to listen to my new album. I cooked, we ate, we listened. It was so fun & it really touched me how much they all loved the music! I can’t wait for the world to hear!

Did you get your pre-order yet? You can order the digital or physical copy right now & it’ll be sent to you next week. Visit my Bandcamp for the exclusive pre-order:

Last night I invited some friends over to hear my new album. They liked it  Thank you @borabond & @iamalisoncarney for coming through! My DC sisters in song!  #DCLadies #DCArtists #newmusic #CecilyEP #Cecily #oldsoul #freshvoice #listeningparty Pre-order the album at (link in my bio)
Some of my DC Sisters in Song – Deborah Bond & Alison Carney. Both amazing artists. Check them out! 
Me loving up on @buttasoul !  Thank you for coming out & showing love!  Last night was fun  #soulbounce #soulmusic #newmusic #CecilyEP #listeningparty #oldsoul #freshvoice #feelgoodmusic
Me & Ms. Kimberly Hines, Editor-In-Chief of

Shout out to my parents for letting me throw my little shindig in our beautiful home!

Let’s talk about the album…

Hey loves,

So I decided to record a video talking about each song on my EP: my inspiration for each song; who I worked with; what it was like in the studio; how each song makes me feel, etc.

Check out Part One:

I can’t wait for you to hear this album in its entirety. As you can tell, it’s been a labor of love for the past few years, and I’m finally ready for you all to hear these stories & melodies!

This video was recorded & edited by the wonderful Alethea Russell of One Honest Nation.
I’ll be posting Part Two next week! 

“Real Love” – Original Song

I just posted a video of me performing one of my original songs, “Real Love.”

This song is about being in a long distance relationship, about how it is a struggle, but so worthwhile with the right person. I began writing it while in Ghana in 2012, and I finished it last year with songwriter Vaneese Thomas. This song will be on my upcoming EP.

There’s still time to contribute to my Indiegogo campaign. If you enjoy the song & would like to hear the fully produced & orchestrated studio version, please donate:

Here are the lyrics:

Verse I:
When I’m in your arms I know it’s where I should be
It’s a place that feeds my soul.
And I don’t see myself ever letting go,
Cause it’s a place I can call my own.

And I know I have wronged you with my careless words,
But somehow you always see me through.
And I know times get rough when I’m so far away,
But you can trust that I’ll always be true.

Cause this is love baby
Ain’t nothing less.
Yes we’ve got love baby.
We’ve passed the test.
Through all the hard times
We kept holdin on.
And I know that we’ll always be strong
Cause this is real love.

Verse II:
People do ask me why do I try
And I tell them the same each time.
I say, “When it’s the real thing, you give it your all.”
I can’t help but to treasure our bond.

Cause when I look in your eyes I find all that I need
And more than I thought I deserved,
And with your hand in mine I know we’ll always succeed,
Cause we’re willing to grow and to learn.

Cause this is love baby
Ain’t nothing less.
Yes we’ve got love baby.
We’ve passed the test.
Through all the hard times
We kept holdin on.
And I know that we’ll always be strong
Cause this is real love.

Much Love,